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Why Join the CAG?
Who Can Join the CAG?
How Can I Join the CAG?
New Member Selection criteria
Image Tips
Studio Tour Application for Members only

The deadline for Membership and Studio Tour Applications is March 18, 2016.
Why Join the CAG?
Benefits of membership in the Chatham Artists Guild include:
•    connect with other artists for the purpose of sharing knowledge and skills
•    have an artist’s page on the CAG website
•    participate in the Guild Studio Tour and other exhibits at community venues

Who Can Join the CAG?
The requirements and responsibilities of each Guild member include:
•    must be a professional working artist or crafts person 18 years of age or older,
•    must have a working studio located within Chatham County, and
•    must be willing to assume the responsibilities of a Guild member:
•    actively participating in Guild activities and committees,
•    making a meaningful contribution to the Guild Purpose and Mission,
•    attending Guild member meetings (approximately 2 yearly),
•    serving on the Guild Board for a 3-year rotation, and
•    ensuring the integrity and currency of your website information and images.

How Can I Join the CAG?

The deadline for Membership and Studio Tour Application is March 18, 2016.

Complete the online membership application (Bill, link to form) and pay the application fee online via PayPal or credit card OR mail dues in to the address given in the application.

New Member applicants will be charged a $20 application fee.  Upon acceptance to the Guild, an annual membership dues must be paid ($50 for members who serve on a committee, $100 for members who do not serve on a committee).  Membership is from January to January.

Returning Guild Members will be charged an annual membership dues ($50 for members who serve on a committee, $100 for members who do not serve on a committee).  You must have participated in the Studio Tour one out of the past 2 years in order to apply as a “Returning Guild Member”.

New Member Selection criteria (applications are made anonymous to the jury to promote fairness):
•    Quality: The artist demonstrates technical proficiency in the chosen medium and has a consistent body of work.
•    Clarity of vision/artistic direction: The artist’s work demonstrates creativity and vision.
•    Presentation: Includes the quality of the digital images submitted. Note: A professional image is evenly lit, and shows the work to its best advantage without background distractions or awkward display props

Image Tips:
The Chatham Artists Guild believes that the quality of the presentation of art work is as important as the quality of the art work. The Guild requires that the images supplied by applicants be professional quality and conform to certain specifications.  Professionally taken images are encouraged but not required.
Image files must be either JPEG or TIFF. The resolution should be at least 1200×1800 (or 4 x 6” at 300 dpi). Images submitted will be used for jurying, print media (brochure and advertisements) and digital media (web site).

Here are some tips for making digital images:
•    Make the background very plain and not recognizable. The image should be of the art work alone.
•    Fill as much of the frame as possible with the piece of art work while making sure none of the piece is cut off. If necessary, crop unwanted areas of the picture with image software on your computer.
•    Shoot extra pictures of the art work in case the first image is not good.
•    Bracket your exposure to ensure the proper one.
•    Check the exposure and focus of your image files by zooming with the image software on your computer. Do not submit out of focus pictures.
•    A 4-megapixel digital camera or higher is recommended.

If you are unsure how to do shoot professional quality images of your artwork, the Guild recommends that you contact a professional photographer.

Studio Tour Application for Returning Members Only

The deadline for the 2016 Chatham Studio Tour is March 18, 2016.  It is part of the Membership and Studio Tour Application (see How Can I Join CAG? above).

Studio Tour participation is open to returning members of the Chatham Artists Guild.

Committee Service for the Studio Tour 2016
When filling out your Studio Tour portion of the application, please indicate on which Studio Tour committee you would like to serve.  An option (with a higher Tour fee) will be available if you do not want to serve on a committee.

Brochure Design
Coordinate all tasks necessary to deliver a completed tour brochure from graphical layout to printing.  Interfacing with outside vendors for this work will be required.
Brochure Advertisers and Supporters
Secure adequate number of ads and supporters to fill brochure.  This will include visiting businesses, gaining commitments for ads and working with Treasurer to arrange for invoicing.
Brochure Distribution
Bundle and distribute brochures to Artists and locations from October through December . Maintain brochure distribution list.
Maintain and update current list of fee/free media outlets, arrange for ad design, write press releases, distribute to media, and contact journalists willing to do feature articles.
Tour Number Signs (Triangles) and Advertising Signs
Maintain signs, distribute triangle signs to artists, get permissions as required for the placement of ad signs, place ad signs before Tour and pick them up after Tour, arrange for storage of all signs.
Preview Exhibits
Hang art for preview exhibits; ensure proper and consistent labeling of art; manage drop-off and pick-up by artists.
Artists’ Receptions
Coordinate all venues, refreshments, supplies and equipment, and logistics.

PLEASE READ: This is the online membership application for Chatham Artists Guild for NEW artists – artists who have never been a member or have not been on the tour for more than 2 years. Fields designated with an asterisk are required. When you have completed the application and clicked the Submit button at the bottom you will be taken to PayPal so you can pay your membership fee either with your PayPal account or using a credit or debit card (you do not need a PayPal account to do this). If you do not wish pay using PayPal or credit/debit card you can complete the online application and choose the option pay by check.  Make your check payable to Chatham Artists Guild and mail to P.O. Box 1024, Pittsboro, NC 27312.

Please see the “Membership” page on our website for information and tips regarding your application.

___New (includes artists not on Tour for more than 2 years)

*Studio or business name
*Contact phone number:
Address line 2
*City, ST zip
Studio or business address (If different from above)
City, ST zip
*E-mail address
Web site / URL
*Brief Artist’s Statement (a paragraph or 2):
*Images:  (please see Image Tips (on “Join CAG” page)

Chatham Artists Guild Agreement
If accepted as a member of the Chatham Artists Guild, I agree that I will:
•    actively participate in Guild activities and committees*,
•    make a meaningful contribution to the Guild Purpose and Mission,
•    attend Guild member meetings (approximately 2 meetings/year),
•    serve, at some point, on the Guild Board for a 3-year rotation,
•    ensure the integrity and currency of your information and images on the website,
•    allow images to be used for Guild marketing and publicity purposes .

*The Guild activities and committees include the following:

•    Communications and Publicity
•    Events
•    Programs

Descriptions can be found on the “About Us” page  on our website.

Typing your name below indicates acceptance of this Agreement:

Name: ________________________________________   Date:______________
Note: Once you click “Submit your application” you will be taken to PayPal where you can pay your membership fee either with your PayPal account or a credit or debit card.

•    New Member applicants will be charged a $20 jury fee.  Upon acceptance, further information will be provided regarding membership dues and studio tour application and fees.

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