Cherie Westmoreland

  • Media:
    Hand built stoneware: tiles, pots, sculpture & images fired into clay
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  • Address:
    835 Buck Branch Rd., Pittsboro
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  • Studio Name:
    Cherie Westmoreland/Designs, LLC


I have always loved the process of creation, whether in the making of art, the design of a garden, or the preparation of a meal. In the rest of my life I like to have control, to plan ahead and know where I’m going, my art making is different. My ideas are like seeds, they take a while to grow. I don’t begin a piece with a clear vision of how it will look when completed, I let my intuition, and creativity flow, allowing for experimentation and improvisation. I enjoy working in clay because of its versatility, the possibility of working in 2D or 3D, in color, or monochrome, incorporating painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and text. My work includes, handbuilt sculptures, tiles, and wall art for indoor and garden display. Many pieces focus on the human face, birds (particularly crows), vines, ferns, trees, fish, and explorations of the form of the vessel (nesting vessels, and holy pieces that play with light). Most pieces are stoneware or porcelain, incorporating underglazes, mason stains, iron oxide, and sculptural glazes to create richly textured surfaces, fired to Cone 6 or 7 in an electric kiln, More of my work can be seen on my website: and on Facebook page: Cherie Westmoreland Designs


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