Gina Harrison

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    500 Roads End, Pittsboro, NC 27312
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As a both an artist and musician, I am interested in process. The computer and camera are the primary tools I use to explore color and line and place and especially variation. Digital tools lend themselves to investigating various compositions from common source material. Like time travel stories or musical variations on a single motif, at intermediate steps you can duplicate a stage, then go off on two different directions, creating multiple, and sometimes vastly different, iterations. I have never kept a journal, but having a camera always at hand allows me to document experience in much the same way‚ at home and travel and personal history. Some images remain primarily pictorial or decorative‚ landscapes and floral studies. Others are captured as much for‚ digital ink‚ or color palettes for abstract compositions. I explore negative space, in what is not said, but how line and color convey mood.

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