Horty Jacobs

Beauty at the End of the Line. Images of Abandoned Objects

I am drawn to abandoned places and things. Junkyards. Derelict buildings. Railroad graveyards. I love the relentless effects of time and the elements. Slowly, inexorably painted surfaces, fade, crack, peel, succumbing as rust steals in.
These aging, time-marked surfaces are far more interesting than in their showroom youth, when they were monotonous, unblemished monotones of color.
If the light remains good, I spend hours capturing the brilliant compositions I find, on that day, in those objects, photographing the beauty at the end of the line.
I strive to capture exactly what I saw through the camera’s lens, an image without embellishment. For those who care about technical matters, of which I admit near total and blissful ignorance, I shoot 35 mm color exclusively, mostly slide film. On a personal level, there is a certain comfort in finding beauty in aging objects. The changes aren’t that different than our own life cycles. As the “rust” comes, I try to accept it, embrace it with humor, and hope my cameras get no heavier.

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